BihalBocs (geolinguistic software)

BihalBocs is a linguistic and problem-solving approach, as well as the name of the software. Domokos Vékás started the development of this special computer program in 1996. The software enables inserting (i.e. phonetically encoding), storing and using dialectal data. The digitized dialectal databases, maps and talking books have all been made with BihalBocs.

What you need to know about BihalBocs:

  • fully supports the Hungarian standard transcription system
  • supports the alignement of audio materials and transcription
  • outputs clear and simple file structures to assure portability and convertibility
  • is designed and continuously developped to meet research needs
  • allows creating an internet version from the researcher version for popularizing and educational aims

The software aims to solve highly complex tasks due to diverse research needs. Thus a special IT environment and appropriate user experience is required. However, talking books and maps prepared with BihalBocs can be transformed into simplified platform-free versions, so that most PCs can display and present them.

For more information on BihalBocs, please visit the homepage